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every time i look at you, it's like the first time

Name:  Abigail Grace Madison, née Hall
Nicknames:  Abby
Race: Human
Born:  Sweetwater, a village near the river
Lives:  The Inn in Greenville
Age:  28
Occupation:  Innkeeper's wife; Mother of 2
Orientation:  Heterosexual
  • Thomas Madison; Husband
  • Bridget Madison; Daughter
  • Ilysa Madison; Daughter
  • William Hall; Father; deceased
  • Elizabeth Hall; Mother; Deceased
  • Eleanor Hall; Sister; Unknown
  physical appearance;

Average in both height and appearance, Abigail never quite lived up to expectation. When she was younger, most thought that she would grow up to be a great beauty, with her bright blue eyes, pale skin, and dark hair. She was tall and thin as a youth, but stopped growing at an average 5'4 and over time gained more than just a few curves-- and a few extra pounds that don't seem to want to go away, especially after the birth of her second daughter.

Her clothing style tends toward the simple and feminine. She likes soft colors, soft fabrics, and things that feel and look good. She dislikes items that draw too much attention to herself. She has only recently begun to feel good about her appearance again, thanks to the love and support of her husband and daughter.

PBLucy Griffiths
personality & demeanor;

Quirks:  Abby actually likes simple chores like folding/putting away laundry, picking up things/keeping the inn neat and in order. She also has a tendency to mother others- especially the younger girls; she can't quite help herself.
Motivations:  Her family. She would do anything for them.
Weaknesses:  Abby has a tendency to be too trusting. More than once she's believed a man when he's promised her a whole new life, only to be disappointed when (of course) it didn't happen. She can be too much of a dreamer, too, getting caught up in her thoughts and forgetting what she's in the middle of doing. She is a bit clumsy, but not so much that it interferes with everything.
Strengths:  Abby has a strong will; she is very much a survivor. She knows how to be sweet and charming, but is also intelligent. She may not be completely up to date on her book smarts, since she hasn't been able to do much studying since arriving at the brothel, but has great common sense and is very good at playing peacemaker.
General:  Abigail is an intelligent woman, though one might not realize this at first glance. She isn't particularly book smart, though she is learning a lot through helping Bridget with her lessons. She is quiet and shy, and would much prefer to stay in the background before any attention turned to her. She spent most of her adolescence being told that she was a disappointment to those around her-- she never wanted to be a prostitute, but life just happened and that's where she ended up.

Abby is a hopeless romantic, who once waited for the day that somebody comes along to sweep her off her feet. She had it, but of course those dreams were shattered when life interfered. She has a difficult time trusting anybody, though this is something that she has been working on. These days, she is much more at peace with herself and her life, though she knows that she still has a little ways to go.
personal history;

The beginning of Abigail Hall's life was very different from the life she leads now. Born one early summer morning to parents William and Elizabeth hall, Abigail had a happy childhood. Her parents were traders, and they made sure that their daughters were well-educated and had everything they needed. They weren't particularly rich, nor were they of particularly high standing in society, but they were good people who did well enough.

Abby was ten when illness struck her family; she and her younger sister Eleanor recovered in a few months, but her parents passed away. The two were to be sent to some relatives of theirs, but when they reached their uncle's home, they found that the whole family has passed away, as well. Lost and alone, Abby and Eleanor, who was nine, made their way toward Greenville and somewhere along the way, Eleanor disappeared. Abby was crushed, having now lost her entire family-- but she holds onto some small hope that her sister made it and is still alive.

Abby was 12 when she found herself at Madame Besoir's. She had been looking for her sister; instead she'd found a new home. She was taken in-- Madame Besoir saw her potential as a brothel girl. Of course, she had to earn her keep for the time being, so she worked her first few years there as a servant, helping to prepare meals, do laundry, and run small errands for the brothel.

It was just a few days after her 16th birthday when she met Thomas Madison. She was at the market, picking up a few things for the week's meals, and they ended up spending the afternoon together. He was the first boy that she'd ever really encountered, and she had certainly never been the object of any boy's attention. She was surprised when he showed up at the brothel just a few days later, asking for her.

It was the beginning of something special- for Abby, at least. They began to spend more time together-- he paid the Madame money every time they had to meet, before they began to sneak around, wanting to see each other even more. Just a few short months later, Abby discovered that she was pregnant. The Madame was furious, of course, and Abby was forbidden from seeing him again. They managed a few visits, but the pregnancy was a difficult one, and society gossip kept her tied to the back rooms of the brothel. No man wanted a whore who got pregnant, after all.

It was spring by the time Abby went into labor. It was long and difficult, and she was nearly dead by the time the baby was born. She passed out, unconscious, never knowing anything about her child. When she came to, she was informed that the baby had been born dead, and Thomas wanted nothing more to do with her. She tried to contact Thomas, sending a letter once a week every week for a year, but she never received any reply.

Disappointed and with nowhere to go, Abby began working at the brothel as a prostitute, entertaining men and only able to keep a small portion of the money she earned. She was made to feel guilty, and stayed only because she felt like she owed the Madame for everything.

It was ten years before Abby made her escape. She did't quite know what she was doing with herself, and felt as though she had accomplished very little in the 27 years of her life. Something was missing, though she couldn't quite figure it out. So she ran away, taking refuge in the home of a kind man in town. It wasn't long before Thomas was alerted to her presence and the two were reunited, and Abby finally got to meet their daughter, Bridget.

Both Abby and Thomas knew that they still loved each other, and it wasn't long before they were finally married. Abby had a lot of readjusting to do, not only stepping into the roles of wife and mother, but with society in general. She wasn't used to the kindness of people. And not long after their marriage, Abby found herself pregnant for the second time. She was terrified, but when she saw baby Ilysa for the first time six months ago, she knew that it was all worth it
Name:  Carrah
Age:  24
Birthday:  09-11
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